Where is the irs headquarters?

Capital, it is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordered by the states of Maryland and Virginia. It's also home to iconic museums and performing arts venues, such as the Kennedy Center.

Where is the irs headquarters?

Capital, it is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordered by the states of Maryland and Virginia. It's also home to iconic museums and performing arts venues, such as the Kennedy Center. The Internal Revenue Service Building is a federal building that serves as the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service. It is located at 1111 Constitution Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC, DC.

12th Street corner), in the Federal Triangle. Founded in 1862, the IRS was a minor division within the Department of the Treasury until the passage of the income tax law of 1913. By the 1920s, it had grown to 6,000 employees, most of them housed in temporary, wood-framed structures considered fire traps. The urgent need for permanent headquarters was recognized because of both the terrible working conditions and the constant threat of fire to the nation's income accounts.

As an office within a cabinet department, the IRS headquarters building was designed as a simplified interpretation of the classic Renaissance style. Although it contains less elaborate exterior details than the Triangle's cabinet-level agencies, the austere and well-proportioned building is a masterpiece in its own right. Find the Taxpayer Assistance Center closest to you. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

An official website of the United States government Official websites use. Governor A. The gov website is owned by an official government organization in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service building is located in the center of the Federal Triangle complex in Washington, D.C.

It is bounded on the north by Pennsylvania Avenue and on the west by 12th Street. The IRS building is rectangular in shape with a circular section in its northwest corner that faces 12th Street and an L-shaped arm from the northwest corner of 10th Street. The main building has 4 interior patios that divide the large mass of the building and provide natural light and ventilation to the interior offices. The building is 7 stories high, although the architectural treatment of the exterior walls gives the illusion of 5 floors.

The sixth floor is located behind the main ledge and the seventh floor is behind the balustrade. The general architectural style of the Federal Triangle was the 18th century French Renaissance style, which in turn was inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture. The IRS building is one of the simplest interpretations of this style in the Federal Triangle. The façade of Avenida de la Constitución contains the main entrance to the IRS building and received the most elaborate decorative treatment of all the elevations of the building.

The remaining facades have the same general characteristics as the elevation of Constitución Avenue, which has a 14-row rustic limestone base that extends from the base course or pink granite staircase at ground level to the second floor to form the first horizontal division. Above the windows on the first floor, the rustic design resembles a cat's arch with the three central cornerstones that extend vertically through two rows. The elevation of Constitution Avenue is 27 bays wide. All but the first three and last sections of the base project approximately 4 feet from the building plan.

The upper floors are dominated by a 3-story colonnade that extends above the projected base. Above the belt row on the third floor, a balustrade motif defines the beginning of the main stories. In the colonnade, a balustrade separates the bases from the columns. The wall surface is made of smoothly-coated limestone ashlar.

Rusticated limestone, more detailed than the base of the wall, serves as a crisscross at each end of the elevation and faces the surface of the wall behind the colonnade. The pilasters shade the pairs of columns at each end of the colonnade. The façade is crowned by a Corinthian entablature, which begins on the sixth floor. It consists of 3 horizontal divisions.

Another balustrade with covered pillars is located at the top of the façade, on the seventh floor. On the facade of Pennsylvania Avenue, the 5 bays closest to the corner of 10th and Pennsylvania Streets are identical to the pilaster-free bays on 10th Street. The remaining six bays are projected several feet and have a screen of eight limestone pilasters similar to those on 10th Street. The 14 bays at the southern end of the 12th Street façade repeat the basic wall design established on the façade of Avenida de la Constitución.

The small one-story entrances are located in the second bay, from each end. Because the circular elevation in the northwest corner of the 12th Street façade should form part of the Great Circle with the New Post Office building (Ariel Rios) on the other side of the street, its decorative details reflect those of the other federal building. The circular elevation has a three-sided pavilion in its corner, just in front of the south pavilion of the New Post Office. The decorative details of both are identical.

The interior spaces of the IRS building are organized around four courtyards with office areas located on either side of a central corridor. With this arrangement, all offices have operable windows that face the street or the courts. The building's most elaborate space is the 2-story lobby in the center of the building's south side. The original design of this space remains intact.

Most office hallways retain their original terrazzo floors with brass dividing strips and marble borders, marble baseboards, and socket blocks. All the special offices in the IRS building, the Tax Court courtrooms, the Commissioner's office and the seventh-floor courtroom have been remodeled. The general office space is typical and has also been remodeled. An Official U.S.

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the opposite). listed separately). Centered on the 10th Street elevation, there is a main entrance with a single wide staircase and three flat arched openings. The Federal Triangle project was the largest construction program ever carried out by the government; it was the first urban remodeling project of this magnitude funded by the federal government and, as such, provided a model for city planning between the 1930s and 1950s.

According to the Unified Architectural Composition Plan published by the Fine Arts Commission in July 1927, the IRS was to form half of a 500 foot diameter Large Circle at the intersection of 12th Street and Old C Street. Because the IRS building was to be used as an office and not as a departmental headquarters, the originally planned sculptural bronzes and masonry were not included, so the unadorned IRS building was separated from its neighbors in appearance. We restored select historic elements and installed, cleaned and repaired the exterior masonry and stone facades. The project was completed while the building remained 100% occupied by federal workers, including the IRS commissioner's office.

The preservation movement in Washington took as its first major issue the demolition of the old post office. . .

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